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May 2013

How To Clean Your Vehicle Wrap

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Vehicle graphics are invading the car industry. They are a tried-and-true marketing strategy that sweeps through the road and catches the attention of many potential customers. Designs are carefully printed on special types of vinyl and then they are heated and stretched to fit the shape of your vehicle. Whether you have an edgy, boxy Hummer or a smooth, circular SmartCar, Charlotte vehicle wraps can be applied to just about any make, model, and size. You can even wrap semi trucks and other large vehicles. However, even with the variety and customization that Charlotte vehicle wraps offer, a lot of people tend to hold back because of one reason: cleaning.

It’s a common misconception that vehicle wraps are hard to clean, and get messy quickly. On the contrary, Charlotte vehicle wraps are relatively easy to clean – the same products that you use to clean a car can clean them. Certain sealants shouldn’t be applied to the surface because it may make the vinyl harder to remove at the end, but other than that, Charlotte vehicle wraps may be easier to take care of than your regular paint job. Since the vinyl is protecting the coat of paint underneath, you don’t have to send too much on getting it waxed and cleaned because it has a barrier that protects it from dust and dirt, yet lets it breathe so it stays in top shape. Vehicle wraps don’t take long to clean at all. They protect your car’s paint job from the elements and in return, maintain your vehicle’s value more than if you were driving around and letting the paint gain some regular wear and tear from windswept dust and dirt.

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